Why choose Spark Music?


Spark Music Studio strives to give every student a positive musical experience.  This means that we will work with you to find a manageable pace, help you reach your musical goals, and surround you with positivity every step of the way. 


Ms. Hoffman is highly qualified, timely and passionate about music.  You will never have to worry about your lesson starting late, and your full lesson time is guaranteed. 

Individualized Instruction

Your lessons are tailored to you.  Pieces will be chosen with student input, lessons will be tweaked to student learning styles and goals in mind.  Ms. Hoffman will work with you to make sure your experience is positive. 


"Ms.Hoffman's ability to connect with her students and to teach them basic and more advanced musical skills is truly excellent."

First Lesson for Free (Limited Time)

If you would like a trial lesson to see if Spark Music is a good fit, it will not cost you anything.  One free trial lesson per student. 


"Ms. Hoffman's passion is music and she is knowledgeable not only in the techniques and applications of music, but also in successful teaching methods."